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About Us


INSTANT SOLUTIONS delivers the IT Solutions and technical resources needed by small and medium sized Businesses, Government agencies , and the Educational Community To expand their networks .We provide connectivity to remote and branch offices, and within departmental and campus environments And we enable telecommuters and the remote mobile workforce to stay securely connected to main office. Our Solutions also provide them with the means to Protect their data, communications, and network integrity .We center on value rich solutions priced to appeal to any budget –minded buyer looking for a cost effective solution that can also offer wide compatibility across operating systems, related products and network protocols.

INSTANT SOLUTIONS concentrates on the networking needs as well as different IT solutions needs of small to medium-sized organizations with one or many Buildings and campuses , including those in education, government, finance and banking law, medicine and healthcare, real estate, hospitality and entertainment ,hot spots and retail.


From the start, our aim has been to provide the best possible high-speed internet experience to our customers through the most robust technology and flawless network.


As the broadband network widens, we aim to expand too, each time delivering unmatched customer experience and hoping to become a sought-after ISP.


Internet brings the diverse populations together with big revolutions and small needs of internet that can change future of Digital India. Our goal is to seek solution at intersection of strategic network and design.

Why Instant Solutions?

Leader in Networking Infrastructure both Wired and Wireless Media.

Networking Solutions

  • Ethernet Networking Solutions
  • Fiber Optic Networking Solutions
  • Wi-Fi Networking Solutions
  • Wi-Fi IP Camera Security Networking Solutions
  • Wi-Max Networking Solutions
  • CCTV Security Networking Solutions
  • VoIP networking Solutions
  • Online Video Conferencing Solutions

INSTANT SOLUTIONS supplies comprehensive baseline and advance coverage to those who purchase our IT solutions .We offer 24x7 technical supports on all our solutions. Customer satisfaction is how services are offered at their end and we are more concerned to provide the best services to the customer for their satisfaction.

We are ‘Instant Solution’ leading A class ISP in this era of bringing world at you through the medium of Internet.

Now a day’s whole world is running at lightning speed. So, we can’t exempt our business out of ongoing Business trend.

We provide lease line in corporate sector to accommodate your needs.