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A lease line is a symmetric telecommunications line connecting two locations. It is sometimes known as a 'Private Circuit' or 'Dedicated Line’. Unlike traditional PSTN lines it does not have a telephone number, each side of the line being permanently connected to the other. Leased lines can be used for telephone, data, VOIP or Internet services.

We have made ourselves bind to provide you ‘24*7’service.Our customer care unit will be very glad, if you assisted them for your convenience.

We connect you through any optional ways which might be Feasible & effective to provide you quality bandwidth as follows:

Fiber Optic Cable.
Copper Wire Connectivity
Wireless Connectivity
Our proud bandwidth providers are as follows:

There will be SLA (Service Level Agreement) signed between both of us assuring you uptime of 99.9% undisrupted internet connectivity.

Technical Details:

We will dedicate an Internet Leased Line port at our end. This would enable Customer to have Unrestricted Access to the Internet and also unlimited download and upload of data.

Leased line Routers at Customer office premises. The Routers would be responsible for forwarding and routing the traffic towards the end locations and to the remote server.

Who should Procure this?

Typically, Internet Leased Lines are used by businesses for a steady connectivity to avoid any interruptions in their work. Unlike other connections, a Internet Leased Line is always active. The fee for the connection is a fixed monthly or annual rate. The primary factors affecting the contract rent is the speed of the connection. Because the connection does not carry anybody else’s communications, the carrier can assure a given level of quality as well as security.

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